Tour Series Golf Simulator

£55,000.00 exc. VAT

Golfzon is the global leader in virtual golf technology and has always been dedicated to bringing the enjoyment of golf indoors, away from the elements, while highlighting the challenges of the outdoor world in a virtual way. They are committed to being the world’s leading brand in golf simulation.

The journey began twenty-two years ago in 2000 with the main goal of putting the “wow” factor into the virtual golfing experience. They have been researching, developing and implementing groundbreaking technologies that no other simulator can match. Winner of Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award for best Luxury Simulator (2017 – 2021), they have over 205+ protected patents and a variety of products for all of your favourite virtual sports. Come play on the most awarded golf simulator in the world of golf.

Play your desired dream championship courses from around the world. Discover the amazing ‘unreal’ experience in our true 3D graphics and relish in your dream iconic golf courses indoors at your convenience.  We give you over 200 of the world’s famous courses to play at your pleasure.

As with our other golf simulator packages, this simulator will be tailored to your space and requirements. The minimum room dimensions recommended for this launch monitor are 5 meters in length, 3 meters in width, and 3 meters in height.  Rest at ease knowing you are playing on the best golf simulator in the world.